One Year Later and we are still Debt Free!!

One Year Later and we are still Debt Free!!

Hola, I’m Nashira, Your Certified Financial Counselor®, and CEO of Breaking Cycles

I am also a mother. As a mom of two kids, living in NYC, I understand the struggle living paycheck to paycheck. I wanted to attain higher education and have a career that would allow me to take care of my children. What I didn’t realize is higher-education comes with a higher price. When I graduated from Monroe College with a Master in Business Administration and concentration in Finance, I was near $60,000 in debt. That debt was split between credit cards and personal and student loans. This mountain of debt loom over my head like a dark cloud.  I began to feel frustrated, defeated, overwhelmed and just plain sick and tired of this cycle.

My story didn’t stop there! I knew that this was not the life me and my boys were designed for. I started learning everything I could about living a healthy financial life. I set out to change my negative financial behaviors. Along the way I started sharing what I learned with others. I am so thankful I found AFCPE (Association for Financial counseling and Planning Education). They provided the tools and education to help me get started.

On April 1, 2018, we went DEBT FREE! Living a financially healthy life was a process we learned along the way. I realized that after the past 3 years of helping myself and clients that budgeting and financial literacy are not the only elements to financial health. Like many of my clients, I struggled committing to goals without dealing with the emotional and relational aspect of money. Not only was I broke, but I was broken. Life pretty much didn’t go as planned. My financial behaviors were the reflection of the brokenness and disappointments. That led me to Kansas State University where I am currently studying financial therapy. My mindful approach to achieving financial health helps clients now look at finances from the inside out. And now it’s your turn.

Break Free from the Financial Cycles Holding You Back!